Disinfo Psyop: Psychosis of Penny_G

350+ Clips (almost all of them multiple tweets) for analysis in this stream of delusion, and every bit demonstrating a clear cut aspect and ubiquitous characteristic of the ongoing global destabilization operation – masquerading as “Spontaneous Grassroots Uprising.” For the already initiated, this relentless stream of misdirection, misinformation, and assault is textbook. While I painstakingly detail these aspects over the next few days, please refer to an almost mirror instance of these Standard Operating Procedures for complete detailed description:

Analysis of a Disinformation Agent: Character Assassination & Diversion Deciphered


(Updated 05-02-12 80New Clips)

Note: I strongly suggest ready from the bottom (earliest tweet) to the top.

– Update 05-02-12 –

– Update 05-02-12 –

EANewsFeed Network Connections Map: http://ow.ly/aAOac

— Update 04-30-12 —


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