Analysis of a Disinformation Agent

They are ubiquitous in the Twittersphere. You talk to them every day whether you are aware of it or not. From the moment Twitter was born, various interests saw the incredible potential to form public opinion and perception with artificial social media populations, and the evolution of twitter itself has been guided by the needs of these entities. These accounts are numerous, influential, and usually seamlessly blended with the actual and oblivious population. MIT Research has already demonstrated the existence of these populations and the term “Grass Roots” is closer to code for ‘Operation’ now than it is it’s supposed meaning.

One of the methods of herding social media consciousness openly visible and in development since 2009, is the tactic of character assassination. In order to push a particular agenda or false reality, you must eliminate the voices speaking actual truth that conflict with your position. Time and time again over the last 3 years we have seen important and powerful voices badgered into silence, and although many are too frightened of being targeted to speak about it openly, this reality is no secret in Twitter world.

This week however, one of them targeted me. Considering I deal in actual reality (well outside of the belief systems of this society), juvenile diversion and character assassination can’t work on me. I deactivated those buttons a very long time ago. What it does offer however is an opportunity to examine in detail the textbook tactics of a disinformation agent. Use this analysis as a learning guide and template to identify these tactics and their purveyors. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the complete list of The Rules of Disinformation.

Note: I strongly suggest reading from the bottom (earliest tweet) up to the top.


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